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03-22-2013, 04:34 PM
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I only tuck in my left side. I usually never tape my stick the same way as before. Always stretch, then shoot. I don't know how other guys shoot a couple, and then stretch. I literally do not touch the puck until I'm done stretching and skating for a bit. Once I touch the puck, I stick handle mostly, take a couple of wristers and snap shots. Feed and receive a couple of one timers(usually with my D partner). Then close out with a few backhands to see if I got it, that night, haha. Food wise, I try to not eat beforehand unless it's like fruits or chocolate(weird, I know). I'm not into the pregame meals. I always feel sluggish if I eat before hand. I usually only drink water. Oh, and most of the time I actually never put tape on the bottom of my blade, it seems to last longer and I'm lazy. Or once I'm done taping, I'll put on piece for the bottom, and just replace it.

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