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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
Without being as tough as the Bruins, you can't hope to win in the playoffs and be a contender night in and night out with as many as 4 players who are 5'8 or under. There's also quite a big difference between wanting to be as tough/big/intimidating as the Bruins, and say, well let's not push our luck, because that's a men's game after all.
Cup-winning teams didn't begin and end with Boston (thank god). But the real irony of using the Bruins as some kind of model is that their supposed toughness didn't win them a Cup. Great defense and goaltending did. Ask yourself this: If 'toughness' and size were such important qualities, why was their closest, toughest opponents the Habs? Why didn't we get steamrolled? And why was their easiest opponents - by far - the equally tough Flyers, who WERE steamrolled?

I'm not saying the Habs don't need more size - they do, especially on defense - but I think you're willing to sacrifice too much to get it. Gionta is more valuable than many people acknowledge, as is Desharnais. Gallagher's contribution goes without saying. Smart, skilled guys are harder to find than big, tough guys (yes, I know... but good luck finding both). Can the Habs win with what they've got? Yes. They've already beat everyone with what they've got. Would I like to add size? Yes. I'm dyin' to see Tinordi gain some experience and confidence, and can't wait to get a preview of him against Boston. Bourque's also got size and strength.

Luckily, it doesn't take perfection to win a Cup. No team has everything. But look at it objectively and you'll realize that right now the Habs have as much as almost any team in the frikkin league. Weird to say with a straight face, but it's true.

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