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08-05-2006, 04:15 PM
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Originally Posted by STS44 View Post
PPL are for the protection of teams from getting their top prospects raided by what may be considerd more desireable franchises.

A PPL at the Major Junior level pertains to playing rights in all three Major Junior Leagues not just the one.
That has never been tested. The Lewis case will prove if that is true or not.

There is just a real stink over this like Branch playing favorites for his own league and trying to bend rules to suit his league at the expense of the others.
Debatable. Branch has next to nothing to do with the way the WHL conducts its business, and the WHL's PPL rules (which the O and Q don't have or respect) apply only as far as the WHL. It's like when the Duke boys get over that river out of Hazzard County - Cletus cain't chase 'em no more.

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