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03-22-2013, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by vBurmi View Post
I was thinking the same thing about my team - I only have 5 guys on my roster from the last time we met (I made a lot of trades). You have a clear edge in net but I'm arguably stronger at F and definitely at D - Bieksa, Phaneuf, Subban, Doughty and Burns.

I really hope I win this week so we can have that one huge matchup to finish the season. Should be fun.

Obviously I'm biased but I prefer head2head as the tie-break just due to the fact we're on a weekly W/L format - it's never about cumulative points. That, and I definitely made long-term deals (trades for slumping players and picking up injured guys) when I had a weak matchup coming - I've been building for Week 10. To be fair, we play each other twice and had we hypothetically been tied after splitting the series (not possible at this point) it'd go to total points.

I agree perceptionly that I have far better Goaltending, you have far better Defense, I would argue my forwards are better but they are close, but stats wise you're goalies have done better then mine stats wise, and my forwards have done better then ur stats wise, either way it will be a interesting week next week.

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