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03-22-2013, 04:53 PM
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I will liken this to workplace safety.
Even just several decades ago, Iron Workers managed to help build many large complex structures without the use of PPE and fall protection devices. The vast majority of the work force was able to go home every night, but accidents happened and sometimes people died.

Now a days the construction world would never even consider working this way despite a proven history of being able to do if the work force was simply 'being careful'. Even government regulatory authorities have gotten involved to make sure preventative safety measures are in place at all times for people doing the work.

So while you specifically may have never had an accident, and many others also haven't, it's for every bodies betterment to use the safer equipment available to us. Like the other poster said, in many places it's illegal to drive without specific winter tires. Quebec did this several years ago and it caused a major shortage country wide of winter tire availability.

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