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Originally Posted by shogun99 View Post
For old time Oiler fans, Fuhr let in bad goals all the time. He just rarely let in a ba goal when we were up by one or the score was tied. He'd be focused during those times. Dubnyk's problem is he chokes in those situations but plays great when it doesn't matter. I'd much rather have a goalie with a .900 SP that wins us games then a goalie with a .925 SP that you can't rely on in tough situations.
This isn't the 1980's, goalies with a 0.900 don't win in this league. When Fuhr was in this league teams scored more than 3.5 goals per game - now 2.5-2.7.

The fun thing with save percentage and GAA is that they are numbers and are unbiased. And while not the full picture, they give insight. "Focus", "Chokes", "Tough Situations" - very hard define and measure but convient for your argument.

I'll take Dubnyk and worry about the real problem surrounding the Oilers.

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