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03-22-2013, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by blasted_Sabre View Post
What might happen is he deals them, then flips those assets for another player. But you can guarantee hes not coming out of the trade deadline with a weaker lineup then when he went in.
Fair enough, and this sort of situation I can definitely understand. To shutdown any chance of us trading Mac/Bozie I think would be unwise, but you've clarified your stance.

Would you be okay with not trading Bozak, us maybe making playoffs (it's actually far from a sure thing at this point) with the potential of him walking as a UFA next year? Nonis has to have some idea of what he's expecting to get paid.

I suppose I'm putting way too much stock in his contract demands as to whether or not he'll be moved, but I think it's an important concept regardless.

Originally Posted by blasted_Sabre View Post
As for trade speculation, its the media. Theres trade speculation for Daniel Alfredsson, despite his team being in 5th and playing remarkable well. Its absurd to think the Sens are going to move him.
I would argue that talk of trading Alfredsson has very much died down, and was mostly going on after the Sens lost Spezza, Karlsson, and Anderson. No one could've quite expected them to continue at this pace. Perhaps I've just missed it though.

And I know that the media is a large influence on trade speculation, but they don't just do it for fun, there is some measure of accuracy/probability that exists. I definitely don't read into it, I'm just saying a pending UFA who might have high contract demands that we can't shell out isn't necessarily going to get traded/not get traded. I think it's worth talking about at least.

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