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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Except the 9 team reference is from '92 till today when the League went from 21 to 30 teams.

Phil and you have both referenced the talent pool as keeping up with expansion when in fact the above years show the dynamic difference.

Many Russian's were already in the League in '89 and the Yanks, Swedes and Finns were already well established long before '89.
The ENTIRE KML UNIT was in the NHL in 89/90, not just the line, the entire UNIT!

Actually it wasn't until 90 and the best Russians, ie. young and in their prime wouldn't come until later.

So the 9 team reference you keep bringing up only really consists of the remaining Russian's and the Czech's.

And you can NOT make up 9 teams with only the Czech's and 2/3's to 3/4's of the Russian's.

You are completely missing out on the actual facts, the amount in both terms of quality, ie top players and depth, in sheer numbers took a dramatic increase from all non Canadian countries after the early 90's.

There was a sprinkling of of players from Europe before then and the majority of non Canadians were from the US which happened in the 80's a full decade before the European invasion.

The dates and amounts of players are in simple black and white facts.

Why are you trying to cause confusion here?

I can't access my post from the Lindros versus Tzachuck thread but the numbers were pretty clear there.

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