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Originally Posted by SaintPatrick33 View Post
Disrespectful to.....who exactly? Sorry, but I see no need to engage in affirmative-action bean-counting when comparing across eras.
To the modern player obviously, there is a sticky that we respect players from times gone apst but obviously modern guys are fair game.

Look at the top 5,10,20 in scoring in each and every year in the NHL then.

Do you not see a difference from say a 6 team all Canadian year in 1966 or the year 20__ pick any of the 13 years available.

If you seriously think that ranking in the top 5,10,20 in both comps is the same thing then you clearly can't or ignore to see the difference.

Even more go back to the 70's, how exactly are you going to compare a guy like Dionne to Makarov?

Not by using top scoring finishes in the NHL.

Personally I don't care if you see the point or not but your observations will be worth less with your biased and inaccurate starting point (that nothing changes) IMO.

At least you are up front about it, most won't say what you do but obviously your viewpoint in analysis is prevalent here in comparing players over different eras.

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