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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
Not trying to thread follow you but I love SG-1. I thought shanks was one of the few on their with true acting ability. He could play other parts easily.
Not knocking the guy, I'm saying he has never done anything of real value outside of Stargate. I dunno if its just being typecast or what, true of pretty much everyone from that show beside RDA.

I btw own every SG1 on dvd. I also was that one guy on earth who liked SGU apparently...

Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
He does a lot of stuff in Canada (including a sort of psuedo paranormal/medical drama he stars in with Erica Durance (aka Lois Lane from Smallville)) and I think does some theater work too.

I imagine they also would've wanted him so that they had someone that could play hockey without having to be taught.

Seems a little odd if he's playing Gordie though. I don't think that he or Kathleen Robertson are old enough to play the Howes at that point.

EDIT: Yeah. Shanks is 42 right now according to wikipedia, and if this is the story of Gordie playing with his sons, he was around 50 at the time. and Shanks doesn't exactly look older than early 40s.
I didn't know he could skate, guess it makes sense. RDA was always the big hockey fan on the show and token Canadian

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