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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
Islanders: Last Season - Fourth Place 78 Pnts.
Cap Position: 34,817,200 (NHLPA) / 35,113,000 (
05-06' roster players unsigned -4 (DiPietro, Erskine, Godard, Colley)

Neil Smith the New GM. No wait, Garth Snow. Captain Wang continues to run the L I Enterprise into a meteor filled land of angry Klingons. At this moment their starting and backup goaltenders are Wade Dubielewicz. The addition of Poti helped the Rangers, the addition of Witt and Simon should make them a tougher team to play for sure. A new coach chomping at the bit for years should inject some new life, but how much? Considering the season they had last year and hopefully a new game plan, the tattered franchise could be considered an improved club if you want to be an optimist. They can also be called the basket-case of the league. What can't be argued is the significant amount of cap room they hold.

Additions: Poti, Witt, Sillinger, Simon, Berry, Hilbert

Loses: Oleg Kvasha
We didn't lose Kvasha, we traded him at the deadline. We also don't have much caproom after we resign Dipietro. That 34M is a bit decieving since it is not really a full roster. I figure our cap will be roughly 40-41M after dipi signs and we have a 22 man roster not leaving us much to make another big signing, although it leaves us open to make a trade around dec/jan.

Originally Posted by cycleandshoot View Post
The Islanders will be the worst team in the NHL next year. However they will , AS ALWAYS, play the Rangers tough
We had 78 points last season. I figure with a better coach(Nolan) and a bunch of signings that filled needs of the team(Grit with witt and simon, faceoffs and added depth at center with sillinger, and defense with Witt and Poti) we should do better then 78 points. I know alot will say Poti is useless but he basically is a slight improvement to the inexperience we have now. Worst case scenrio with Poti is he stinks it up and we bench him in favor with what we had last year that got us 78 points. I know everybody will say well the Islanders didn't make any big enough moves, but fact is all our signings were upgrades to what he had at the end of last season and should help in some way.

I am not saying the Islanders are a shoe in for the playoffs, but with the changes they made thee should be a slight improvement.

As for the management situation, if it is a problem it is more likely it will be a problem come July 1, 2007 then during this season.

As for us playing the Rangers "tough" you guys killed us like 5 of the 8 games and our record sucked against you. Take away Jagr and Straka's stats against us and they both look average

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