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03-22-2013, 07:16 PM
Ok, dis hockey
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Get to the Rink about an hour early:

Basically pull all my equipment out of the bag and lay it out nicely in the same spot/the far corner of any locker room we're in. I always bring my sticks with. I never leave them anywhere.

Retape the balde of my primary stick (Black tape, Puck, Wax) In the locker room or while watching whoever is on the ice at the time practicing or playing while i retape the blade. And just hang out while i do that.

Stretch a little.

Begin to put on my equip in this order.
Jock, Socks, pants, skates, shins, pull sock over & tape it, chest, elbows, jersey, helmet.

Stretch a little more right before we hit the ice.

And i always wear the same hat to the rink and while i do all of this. Oh and i always have to remind myself to **** before i go out there.

As for the jersey, i dont tuck it but it ALWAYS manages to tuck itself (back tuck), i like it that way, its natural haha

Pretty much it.

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