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03-22-2013, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Call me Suds View Post
That's for guys who change nationality. They were born in GB, they're considered British.

& Scott Conway was named to the GB preliminary roster last year for the U18s lol Doubt they woulda named him to the prelim roster if he wasn't eligible
No someone in the international tournaments section said there was a similar case of Norbert Hari, a Hungarian born and raised player who moved to Sweden to play hockey at age 12, thus making him ineligible to play for Hungary. It's almost an identical case to Perlini, as his older brother is eligible and does play for Hungary despite playing most of his hockey in Sweden.

From IIHF statutes and bylaws:

1.6 When a player has changed his citizenship or has acquired or surrendered another citizenship and wants to participate for the
first time in an IIHF championship and/or an Olympic competition representing his country of choice he must:
a) prove that he has participated on a consistent basis, for at least two consecutive years (730 days) after his 12
th birthday in the
national competitions of and be a legal resident in his new country during which period he has neither transferred to another
country nor played ice hockey for a team registered/located within any other country;
They have changed nationality. In this case the Perlini's have acquired another citizenship: Canada. They are dual citizens, it doesn't matter where they were born, they have to meet the 2 years after the age of 12 criteria.

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