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Originally Posted by 7venbarschi View Post
Some Flames blogger who likes to make things up is saying Horton and Subban for Iginla. Something about the deal is going down soon. Like I said he makes rumors up.
Flames Jambalaya ‏@FlamesJambalaya

Now looks like he deleted the tweet.
Makes sense. Why would Calgary deal for Horton in a two piece package.

Originally Posted by mich25 View Post
I think it will come down to Pittsburgh and the Bruins with Iginla with the final say. I have a funny feeling though and instinct he'll end up with the Bruins. I mean they were very interested in Corey Perry so it makes me think they are now very interested in Iginla and I know they were interested in him in the past and even Marc Savard reached out to him about Boston, but Calgary wasn't ready to part ways with him. The way I see it is that Iginla playing with Crosby or Malkin would be really fun to watch and see, but I think Iginla fits better with the Bruins style of play. Just my opinion. Does Iginla think the Bruins are the better overall team though come playoff time (basing that off the past few years with Pitt's shaky goaltending and defense), or would he be excited about the opportunity to play with 2 unbelievable offensively gifted players? Also rumors are that more Scouts/GMs have inquired about Subban than any other Bruins prospect - so he can't be too bad. I find that interesting though - whose looking for goaltending help? I have heard/read that Calgary would be looking for a goaltender too, so it's kind of interesting to hear on this board that fans are very satisfied with what they have...Also read Calgary would be looking for a top 4 defensive prospect? Interesting that a writer said (I'm sure it's just speculation) that Iginla could be playing his last 2 games. That would would mean he would probably be traded by Monday...kind of interesting that the Bruins play the Canadiens on Wednesday at home..just saying. I know that's just pure talk though.
It's going to be a really interesting/fascinating game of chicken, made only more interesting/fascinating to watch given the emergence of social media. Hasn't been a big TDL fish like Iggy since Hossa, no?

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