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03-22-2013, 10:37 PM
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'Cause until we have a small history of being one of the best team, on top during the regular seasons, and solid performances in the playoffs even if it doesn't mean to win the Cup every year, there will always some skeptical people, and that's perfectly normal based on the past 18 years we've been having.

And frankly, we do have the right to think that this shortened season is clearly not an indiciation of how great a team is. This Eastern conference has to ice the worst group of teams we've seen in quite a while. We are still amongst the best of that conference no matter how we see it....but totally right to be skeptical....until proven otherwise. It's all great to have faith in your team. But I believe that it's also necessary to add a little realistic touch to it. Yet...everyboyd has their own interpretation of what's reality....I guess we should try to acknowledge and respect each and everyone's position.

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