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Originally Posted by FF de Mars View Post
If we trade all our picks, what's the highest we could move up ?
I have a pdf saved that shows the value of NHL picks based on previous success (I did not make the chart, but I think it's pretty accurate). The values don't have units, they just show a value relative to another pick.

1) 917
2) 871
3) 826
4) 783
5) 741
27) 291
33) 237
40) 208
57) 176
72) 169
87) 140

So, those 6 picks are worth 1221 points. But in the past there is a premium for moving up as well as an overall reluctance to move to move out of the top 10.

Pick 27 + Pick 33 = 528 points which is in the the Pick 12 range. Take away the premium we would have to pay and we should be happy to get up to 15 with those two picks.
I would think that is about the best we could do and even then I kind of doubt it would happen.

I could see something like Pick 27 + Pick 57 to get into the mid to low 20s if there is someone TT really wants like when we traded up for Tinordi.

Here is a link to the paper and the methodology behind it:

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