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03-22-2013, 10:21 PM
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Bad news, the WSOF event might be cancelled. A few issues with the ring, thus it has not been approved. They're getting a new mat flown in, and also getting a few other components that needed to be changed, but we won't know until tomorrow if the ring gets cleared. That's bad.

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Johnson shouldn't be Arlovski's size though. If he trained all the time and took things seriously, he would easily make 205 and might even be able to make 185. He looked chubby and out of shape at the weigh-ins.
Yeah he definitely looked a little chubby. Part of it is probably just the difference when compared to seeing him at 170 or whatever. 205 seems perfect for him. He could lose 10 or so pounds of fat and then cut from there. For 185 he'd have to lose 25 pounds of fat and it doesn't look like he has that much on him.

Rumble was -155 for this fight a few days ago, but it's pretty much dead even now. I'd still jump all over Arlovski. Rumble never had great cardio and my guess is he's winded here pretty early. Arlovski's also the much bigger of the two. If Arlovski's smart he'll try to tire him out early and avoid any sloppy exchanges and take over from there. Hopefully with a dominant win the UFC brings him back.

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