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03-22-2013, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by RJQuack View Post
I've gushed a lot over Frk this year, but man oh man that was something else watching him tear through an entire team, almost singlehandedly.

A fellow Moose fan said it best, "Ken Holland must be laughing right now" ... I enjoy watching this season by Marty because of the trainwreck that was 11-12 ... of course this looks like a good thing for Detroit now lol. Under-rated player IMO in the grand scheme of things in the Q.

A few dekes, a few laser shots ... The Moose normally have their highlight packs out after the game, but when I see it I will post it.
I agree, was at the game tonight and after he missed a moderately open net you could tell he was going to score. I dunno if it's good or bad but man it feels like he lives to score goals, probably good for our organization because his shot is a laser. What I mean is that throughout the year he's been visibly agitated when he hasn't scored leading to penalties. Discipline was a much bigger issue than it is now, rarely see the bad penalties he had earlier in the year. Overall I have to say his play has been massively improved. I hated the pick through his first ~10 home games, as the guy was prone for terrible penalties. As of now he's phenomenal, fits right in on the top line and couldn't be happier with his play, especially after the world juniors. Play making is underrated because of his his shot(massive) but wings fans have a lot to be excited about him. His shot is huge I mean, massive, laser,etc and I can't wait to see it compared to Sproul's because its hard to believe something can be harder haha. I've had the pleasure to watch the mooseheads a lot this year so if you have any more specific questions about his season let me know. Overall, really happy with the way his season has gone. Will go on as the moose win the mem cup

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