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Originally Posted by Lshap View Post
Hey, didn't realize we were about the same age! Past our bedtimes and still posting - we rock!

Wow - you've got a harder-core background than I do! I have two brothers, but I was the only one who played hockey growing up. My Dad drove me to the games but was pretty laid back about whether we won or lost. I watched the 1969 SCF on a tiny black & white TV, all alone in my Uncle's room while my relatives chatted elsewhere. I jumped up and down when the Habs beat St-Louis for the Cup, but nobody heard me or cared. Don't know what it was that hooked me - maybe it was that HNIC theme song - but it certainly wasn't family.

But as fondly as I remember those years of winning Cup after Cup, as much as I venerate the Beliveaus and Lafleurs and Bowmans and Pollocks and Robinsons and Savards and Mahovlichs, I don't really feel any connection between those guys and the guys who call themselves Habs today. The jersey is as familiar as my own skin (literally, in one embarrassing episode when I was 9), but I don't expect my team of today to be a dynasty anymore than I expect my scalp of today to have long, thick hair. Times change, teams change, the game changes, just as my expectations of life, friends and favourite sports team have changed. If the Habs win the Cup, I'll be at the parade with my wife and kids and camera, yelling at my two sons to CARVE THIS INTO YOUR MEMORY!, because these special moments don't happen often. Which is exactly why they're special. But until then I'm just enjoying the ride. I don't see it as a failure if we don't win the Cup, I just see it as part of really long foreplay.
LOL yes we are getting up there in age which could be part of the injuries I am suffering still doing al teh stuff I do like mountain biking motorcycle racing still playing hockey. My 4 kids are all HABS fans and I have instilled the same win or die trying attitude my family put into me lol. These days I don't really care about the names on the back of the jersey it is all about the crest on the front and it pisses me off to see in my opinion guys doning the jersey that see it as nothing more than a paycheque.

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