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Originally Posted by Munchausen View Post
I don't understand. What not wanting to give anything of value for Ryder and Souray has to do with realism? Do you feel those are scrubs? Depth players who you can get for a package of role players?

I'm not saying they can fetch a huge return, but starting a proposal with "what do you want from us outside of everything valuable we have" is not going to get you any kind of constructive responses.

Out of the players you didn't name, only Conroy interests me. But you're not getting those 3 for him. Maybe one of Souray or Ryder and Ribeiro.
No. I was excluding those players because I know managment wont part with them. Unless its for a Franchise player. I was thinking Conroy , Frolov , Belanger and Lababra. My reasons for that is Frolov may mesh well with Samsonov and Kovalev. He isnt becoming a star in LA because all of the pressure on him to be a super star. Our GM doesnt like Frolov because he doesnt like Russians...And it seems like ur Russians are always getting better. Lababra would give u a good backup goalie and would let you move Abby for assets. Conroy is a great Center and a good locker room guy that I dont even know if the Kings would give up but you gotta give somthen good to get somthen good in return. Ribiero and Belanger are a wash in my eyes. They both have bad reps with there current teams and are a little bit of a whipping boy persona with there current organizations. Ryder and Souray would be the main guys of the deal...And Frolov would be the main guy for the Kings. Maybe you think its unfair...Ryder , Souray for Frolov? So i was adding Ribiero in since it seems like you guys are having a hard time getting rid of him.

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