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03-23-2013, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by axecrew View Post
Dude seriously???????? Henrik Tommernes is who??? He's a player no one in Chicago has heard of who is not even on Chicago's roster, kind of hard to play a guy who doesn't exist.
Alex Mallet and Grenier have both been given opportunities in Chicago this season and done absolutely nothing with them unless you consider running around looking lost something.
Jeremy Price has played in EVERY game since getting to Chicago. Don't know how he could play more than that.
Kellan Lain just got here and what do you know he palyed in tonight's game....the Wolves first game since he arrived.
Ludwig Blomstrand not even sure if this guy is even in Chicago yet but even if he is they've play only tonight's game since this guy was acquired.
The only guy that you might have a beef on is Cannata...and quite honestly he was very unimpressive in the ECHL this year.

All in all your statement lacks any validity and is based on personal feelings with no basis in fact at all.
Judging by you knowing nothing about Tommernes, my guess is you really don't follow all of our prospects that closely.

Tommernes is playing in the SEL for Frolunda, and he plays about 20-25+ minutes a night, needless to say that stat just goes to show he is already a major contributor for them on a game to game basis. He should be over here next year.

Alex Mallet and Grenier have been given little opportunity, Mallet was used on the 4th line from time to time, that just goes into what I was saying about our prospects needing opportunity, Grenier was called up for a little bit, but I don't think he was a given much of a role either, then was sent down soon after.

Great to see Price playing, and no he hasn't played every game, sat out the first 2, nice to see him getting time though, he should be a regular next year, especially if they move.

Blomstrand is in Chicago, but he hasn't played yet. And he wasn't recently acquired. We had him for awhile.

Lain played tonight yes (albeit on the 4th line), nice to see. Lets see if, like Price. He will be able to stay in the line-up for the rest of the games and the post season if they make it.

Cannata wasn't great in the ECHL, but was fanatastic in the AHL, yet got very little playing time.

Then even guys on the roster (and this is what I was saying earlier) like Rodin, don't get to play every game, and they play minimal roles when they do play. Even Peter Andersson was a scratch tonight for some reason.

We will also have some guys moving up for next year, and guys coming over. Like Corrado and Tommernes, then also guys there right now that aren't going to be used in big roles, like Blomstrand and Lain, aswell as Grenier, Cannata, and Mallet.

Moving our affiliate would give us control and give those guys opportunity. Plus all the other things, (off-ice things) A move would be nothing but a positive for us.

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