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Originally Posted by Gert B Frobe View Post
I went to a ton of Penguins games from 89-93 when I was at WVU. My roommate had season tickets so I saw a bunch of Flyers road games. Damn were those some amazing Penguins teams. Lemieux was so much fun to watch even at the expense of the Flyers. Lemieux, Jagr, Stevens, Francis, CoffeyThe fans then were very casual, not terribly into it. They used to boo icing thinking it was a penalty. Ushers would let people go to their seats during play. It was a similar building to the Spectrum but the atmosphere was 100 times less passionate in spite of the incredible product they had there during the time.

Saw Lindros's first NHL game of his career - in Pittsburgh - wearing #88 - the first and only jersey I have ever owned. During the 2nd intermission on guy yelled at me in the concourse "Lindros is a bum" then smiled. And that was it. Nice bunch of people in Pittsburgh for the most part. Absolutely more of a midwest city than east coast.
I imagine tickets will be pretty scarce - they generally sell out when the team is good. When they're bad for more than a season they don't make any money. No big cable deals out there in yinzer-land. When their gate $ drops off - that franchise just about goes belly-up. Win the cup in 92 - 8 years later declare bankruptcy. Nice fans but total frauds for the most part. Surprising because there is literally nothing else to do in and around that city whatsoever.
I've seen their ugly side. They get ugly in the sense where they're like "oh we're not like those classless bums in philthadelphia. They like to pretend but they're just as savage as any other fans. And their girls get on your nuts like no other.

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