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03-23-2013, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Are you seriously trying to argue Devan Dubnyk is a better goalie than Grant Fuhr in the respective times that they played?

Are you basing this solely on save percentage? lol

Comparing todays play with yesteryears when system play was rarely applied.

jebus, hand in your Oiler fan card and get to the back of the line. You make it sound like Fuhr was some limpbiscuit the Oilers had to overcome every night.
Nah...I will be staying an Oiler clearly have your opinion and I have mine. Comparing players from era to era is impossible. If you read my few previous posts, I was poking fun by pointing out something about Fuhr that I found comical when someone else brought up Fuhr as the guy who would shut the door when necessary...

Do I think Dubnyk is better than Fuhr? Who cares...I came here to shoot the breeze with some other Oilers fans about our current situation...not to get run out of town because I dont think Dubnyk is a complete waste of skin.

I am sorry that me and my tiny brain have challenged your authority on this matter and I will be sure to send a letter of apology to both you and Mr. Fuhr himself...

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