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03-23-2013, 07:02 AM
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Having given up hope for one of the top 4 through the standings (still hoping Jarmo pulls off a stunning trade or a lucky lottery) I am now firmly in the lets make the playoffs club. They will either prove we are a good team or expose weakness. Both ways would be helpful.

The strengths I see beyond the obvious one of Bob are:

1-better than average overall team speed

2- great hustle

3- team defense - forwards back checking

4- penalty kill

5- taking minimal penalties

6- interchangeable parts (Wiz, JJ, Dubi, Arty, Dorse, et al miss a few games, so what?)

7- coaching (gotta give Richards & Co some props)

8- minimizing turnovers

The bad:

1- Power play - what power play?

2- lack of first line talent

So 17 to go, 12 on the road. It will tell the tale. If the Jackets keep the attitude on the road they have a real chance. However it turns out (barring something like a 3-12-2 finish) I think Jarmo has some interesting decisions to make regarding re-signings. Re -sign all the FA forwards and there is no room for a new guy. Let Letestu & Vinny walk you risk breaking up the chemistry. Stay put and the recent run turns out to be another Jacket head fake and you look dumb. Throw in the trade deadline issue and he will be earning his $$$.

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