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Originally Posted by WhalerBlue View Post
JP played good. Everything in front of him didn't. He should have not been in net in the 3rd period at all. Why not give the back up some time when there is no harm, no foul so to speak. We kept saying this all 3rd period. Get the back up in and give him some time. The end result was not going to change. If The Sting expect to do anything in this series, they better show up and push back tomorrow at 7:05PM or this thing is over.
I agree JP played well. Maybe there were a couple of bobbles that went it, but the # of goals in general dictates a goalie change. NO COACH allows a goalie to stay in net for 7-8-9-10-11 goals, especially when the poor guy has to put it behind him and go back in in less than 24 hours. They had their true back-up on the bench in Barrick so put the kid in for crying out loud!! I know he hasn't played since returning from his injury but the game was over anyway. Wouldn't it be nice to know what Jacko was thinking each time a goal went in? It is just unheard of! Even I know that and I am in no means anyone who would resemble a hockey coach. I am sure JP will rebound for tonight but he should have never been put in that position in the first place, when having any shot of winning one game against the Whalers depends solely on him having a great game.

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