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03-23-2013, 07:50 AM
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It's a part of our greedy culture. Look at Leaf fans versus us. If Ted Bundy was a Leaf he'd be adored even though he's a freak. If Bundy was a Hab we'd hunt him down & get rid of him. In Montreal, any sort of losing is UNACCEPTABLE & winning is a MUST! The two cultures are polar opposites!

With Habs fans winning is a must. We were very spoiled in the 70's with also 1 cup in '86 & the '93 one. To slip so far away from that into the dark days on the late 90's & the 1st decade of 2000 has been almost 2 decades of suffering for us. Take any Montreal fan in their late 30's & early 40's or beyond & you'll see this greed very closely. I myself hated Gretzky in the 80's for stealing our thunder. Did Gretzky deserve my hate? Absolutely not, I was just jealose.

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