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03-23-2013, 07:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Athlétique_Canadien View Post
It's a part of our greedy culture. Look at Leaf fans versus us. If Ted Bundy was a Leaf he'd be adored even though he's a freak. If Bundy was a Hab we'd hunt him down & get rid of him. In Montreal, any sort of losing is UNACCEPTABLE & winning is a MUST! The two cultures are polar opposites!

With Habs fans winning is a must. We were very spoiled in the 70's with also 1 cup in '86 & the '93 one. To slip so far away from that into the dark days on the late 90's & the 1st decade of 2000 has been almost 2 decades of suffering for us. Take any Montreal fan in their late 30's & early 40's or beyond & you'll see this greed very closely. I myself hated Gretzky in the 80's for stealing our thunder. Did Gretzky deserve my hate? Absolutely not, I was just jealose.
Yet, at one point....winning is a must is overrated. We haven't won in 18 years and what's happening now? Are there less people watching. Are there less people going at the rink? What it does is that we're frustrated and do wish we'd be the Red Wings who were a dominant team for the past years. As the most decorated franchise in the past, with our history, it should be time we go back at what the Wings were. That should be our goal. Instead of just being fine with the Leafs not having any success whatsoever and comparing ourselves to them...

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