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03-23-2013, 09:14 AM
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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
Total crap. Sorry dude, but true. Anyone could do this.

1.Tone down the music, or eliminate it. Music on you tube is always amateur, and always irritating. Just because you like the tunes, does not mean others will. Music is very very personal, and many many people out there have much better taste in music than you do. Believe it. If you need music, you are not a film or documentary maker.

2. If you want to tell me about Galla, then tell me and show me. Narrate, give me information, while showing me his play. Anyone can put highlights together. Why are you doing it? What have you got to say?

3. Edit. Give me highs, but give me lows too. Make me interested. Keep it moving.
Yeah I had a lot more soundbites describing him from like Dave Stubbs and stuff I just had a hard time getting it all together probably because of the music and yeah a few lows wouldn't have hurt. But like I said first one and I appreciate the tips.

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