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03-23-2013, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by SidsBackhand View Post
I watched and I still think Crosby works just as well with Kunitz. Being that the premise was: that was when Crosby was "at his best", then using the argument that they didn't have time to "build chemistry" is basically you admitting that you're wrong.
No, you moved the goal posts because your argument is so out there it's comical.

You decided to use stats and point production, when there is no way to make a realistic comparison with Hossa, given their short time together.

Anyone with a set of eyeballs and an ounce of understanding about the game, could see Hossa and Crosby played on another level together. They worked the puck together beautifully and Hossa actually was setting up Crosby on a game by game basis, which is something you rarely see with Kunitz and Dupuis.

They were great, yes. He CAN work with a playmaker. But AT HIS BEST? Not in a long shot.
Once again your argument is ridiculous. When has Crosby played consistently with a playmaker in his career? How can you say he isn't at his best when the most he ever played with a creative player was all of three months?

Your claim that the best player in the world can't work with creative players is not only flat out asinine, it's false because Hossa WAS a creative player. If Crosby had several years to build on his chemistry with Hossa like he has done with Kunitz, I'm 100% sure they would be a much harder duo to stop than Crosby/Kunitz.

So if Shero, why break up point production? (that is better than with Hossa) To go after another playmaker? If it's not broke, don't fix it. It's not like it would be an obvious upgrade.
Iggy is a clear upgrade over Dupuis. Anyone who suggests otherwise shouldn't be taken seriously.

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