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03-23-2013, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by blasted_Sabre View Post
We're not going to be icing both heavies in the playoffs. And quite frankly I dont think it keeps Nonis awake at night that Bozak might walk for nothing. Missing the playoffs because he traded Bozak would
Wait a minute, let me get this straight.

Your Worried that we might be a Bozak away from making the PO?

A) That tells me this team is far too fragile to be leaving picks/prospects on the table just for a squeak in PO spot.

You place value in Boz on one hand (po spot) and then completely disavow any value to losing him for no asset return. All of a sudden 2nd round picks are to be scoffed at? hrmmm Finn,Kuli

You want the players to get this valuable PO experience? Fine then move out the two unsigned UFAs and bring in guys that still have a future here in names like Colb,Asht,D'amigo.

Do i really have to list some of the home run steals found in the 2nd round over 8 years? Duncan Keith,, Louie Eriksson,Bergeron,Weber,Backes,Krejci,Stastny,Neil ,Lucic,Seabrook,Kuli,PK Subban,Simmonds,Schultz,Hamonic,O'Reilly,Booth,Dub insky,Howard,Pavelec,Hjarlm

That list is just 8 years worth of drafts and only a short list of players that have the WOW factor, thats an average of over 2 players per draft, it would take way to much time to list the other players, ones that are service players or turned into high valued prospects. Over the years

This is not the 60s/70s/80s any more.

Agents are getting the kids on nutrition and exercise training programs at much much earlier ages, the financial prize to make the NHL now is much much more of a carrot for these kids to chase down.

I'd gladly add extra 2nds for the trade off of Mac and boz being in this line up for this PO push. When they can be repped out with Colb,Asht,Con,Zig,D'amigo,Komi,Holz,Hamilton

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