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03-23-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Llama19 View Post
Glendale's projections are a little shy, and employees are leaving at a record pace, even with our tax increase...

The high profile of everything sports is killing us...

"Mayor Jerry Weiers warned his colleagues that difficult decisions lie ahead. “We’ve got a lot of issues that are coming before us that aren’t even included in the budget,” he said.

Among the more high-profile matters are the future of the Phoenix Coyotes and the management of Arena, a possible deal to lure the Arizona Cardinals from Flagstaff for summer training camp and the need to fill the city manager’s post and other top jobs."

I doubt the upcoming community meetings will have the Coyotes on the 'budget' list of items to save.

Imagine if GJ had just closed the deal with the sugar daddy city turning out to be a rotten pumpkin instead.

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