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03-23-2013, 10:03 AM
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Human beings need a way to express their displeasure. Booing? It's just making's harmless mostly, and helps us vent frustration. So it happens a little, it's not surprising.

Audiences have been doing it at performances forever; whether that be a sporting event, or some other form of live entertainment. People for the most part think of themselves as 'customers' and not 'supporters'. If they feel the product they are receiving is sub-par, some need to express it. Some stay quiet. Some don't.

If you're at a restaurant and receive a terrible item, or get terrible service, you can express it to your server or the manager. Here we have no such luxury of such personal communication; no polite way of saying, 'What I paid for is terrible, can you please do what you are being paid for?' So we release our frustration by booing. Do I appreciate my team? Am I thankful that I have them? Of course I do. Do I never want them to go away? Of course. I feel the same way about my girlfriend, or my friends, or my family members. Or a valued employee. But I sure should be allowed to tell them when they're completely pissing me off.

Who feels worse on a loss like this? Players or fans? Some believe that because the players already feel bad, so we should just be quiet and appreciate them. But the fans feel bad as well for what they came to see, what they booked their evening for, what they brought their family to. And it's exacerbated by a very real pocketbook hit. They should be allowed to express displeasure as long as it doesn't cross any lines.

By virtue of their profession and the outstanding compensation they receive, I don't think players should be sheltered from anything that doesn't qualify as threats, abuse, or hate crimes. Booing? Booing is nothing. Players are held accountable by their coach, and the media. They should also know that fans hold them accountable.

What did Noel say the other week? 'We should never be satisified.' So maybe it's not a bad thing that the players are getting it from three sides every now and then. Should we boo them whenever they make a bad play? Of course not, and that's not happening. But these last two games were absolutely flat and awful. Fans, like players, shouldn't become complacent.

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