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Originally Posted by NorthStar4Canes View Post
By broadening the definition of "skillset" to include things like "hockey sense" and "playmaking", essentially you're asking "Who is the most complete hockey player?" A player could be the best skater, shooter, and have insane puck control, but if he's stupid out there on the ice, it's wasted. Conversely, you have a guy like Gretzky who's hockey sense and ability to avoid contact was off the charts and was blessed with other non-skill factors (having quality teamates to pass to and make plays with, for instance) that trump any dimensional shortcomings that make him not the most complete player that ever lived, but "simply" the best scorer.

Anyway, I believe if you consider ALL the attributes you've listed as essential to the question, all roads lead to Orr on this one (he even gets bonus skillset points for being able to fight better than anyone on your list). But Orr isn't on the list so....

Basically, you're looking for the most complete player limited to this sampling of forwards , the one with the highest combined ceiling considering all attributes. If you don't dwell on what attribute is most important and give equal weight to things like checking, especially in the defensive zone, that obviously reduces the score of Gretzky (and also to Lemieux, although to lesser degree) for the purpose of the poll.

I dunno, without a Trottier or Messier on there it's really hard to decide. Federov? Crosby? I voted for Lemieux because he at least was seen throwing checks in the offensive zone if not the defensive one, and he had everything else in spades.
I am going to get buried for this answer but I have always been told/read by NHL scouts that Cam Neely was the "complete hockey player". Complete does not mean most or best skilled, just well rounded. May not have had the best tools but had a tool in every slot.

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