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03-23-2013, 10:45 AM
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Been skating, learning to playt for a year and a half. I have never had skates that fit. I had to first learn about width because the folks at sports authortity hadn't. So I finally narrowed it down from 11's D Bauer Vapor to Bauers Supreme 7.5 EE. But no matter what I get about 10-15 minutes and then my foot starts to cramp badly.

Then I had to find out that Supreme's are naturally wider than Vapors and the nexus is wider than the supremem so a EE Nexus is wider than a EE supreme. Got my nexus 400's on Thursday and wore it yesterday. At times felt great at others I got about 10 mins and then my foot cramped. Is this a sign that these don't fit too? Or will this go away with use? I am wearing them now at home with a blanket used to prevent the blades from scraping ground.

It feels like about an inch past my toes that my foot is being elevated slightly by the sides of the skate.Based on that is this a warning sign that we a have a loser? Would losing 30 pounds help this? I'm in Red Bank NJ are there pro's that'll custom fit in my area? I have no idea where they would be or how to find them. I went to a local place and they gave me supremes even when I said upon first wearing them that they felt off so I don't trust them anymore. (Guys response was "Yea so I can sharpen them now right? btw we don't take back after sharpening lol!")

Are there skates like Eastons or something that are naturally wider than the Nexus?

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