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08-06-2006, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Garnett View Post
I personally think LA doesn't have enough to offer excluding the players mentioned. But here is my counter propsal because Im a average arm chair GM

Ryder, Souray, Ribs, 3rd
Frolov, Conroy, Gleason, 1st

Ryder> Flolov. But Frolov is 24 years old with upside and under a good contact till 2010. Ryder likely gone in a 1 to 2 years in my opinion.

Ribs < Conroy. Conroy is bigger, faster, better at faceoffs and can put up 50-70 pts between Kovy, and Sammy.

Gleason < Souray. Souray 20 goals a big shot for the poweplay. But Souray in a UFA and Montreal will have problems signing Souray, Markow and Rivet. The D-men depth is weak.

1st> 3rd to offset Ryder and Souray comparsion above. Montreal doesn't want to trade two of the three anyway so LA have to overpay.
that's overpayment for the Kings

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