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03-23-2013, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by SuperTheGreat View Post
Agree with the hatred for the red wings. HATE them, always will. Rivalry dead or alive...doesn't matter. HATE them. However, here's a couple of thoughts on the 8 point game. I remember a guy named Wolski who tore up juniors game in, game out. He never was an integral piece to any playoff run, never led anyone anywhere. I also remember Sam Gagne's super 8 point game in the NHL. He isn't taking Edmonton on his shoulders anywhere either. All I can hope for is a long, downhill slide for Detroit. We tried to "re-load" with FAs and convince ourselves that our highly touted prospects would fill the holes left. We made the playoffs for a few years and even won a series or two. Looking back though, it's easy to see that it was the beginning of our descent. Lidstrom's retirement is square one in the same decline for Detroit. They'll hold on for a few seasons. They'll make the playoffs, maybe even get to the 2nd round here and there. They'll convince themselves that their prospects are world class and that their cupboards are full. They probably will overpay for a few FAs, too. I'm gonna love the ride. All the way to the bottom of the hill.
So you are not waiting for the awesomeness of Abdelkader, mcCollum and Ryno?

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