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03-23-2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Stej View Post
I'm all for accountability, but I agree with the coach on this one. The players feel bad enough all on their own after a loss like that. I'm sure they all went home literally hating themselves for how that turned out. They don't need to be reminded by every Joe Blow at the MTSC that they also have the pressure of an entire city on their shoulders (even if it is true). Part of the reason that the Leafs have struggled so badly for so long is due to the pressure-cooker that they are playing in. Let's not create that kind of atmosphere here too. It's a deterrent to free agents (like we need any more of those) and it's counter-productive.

My opinion is you cheer when they do good things and don't cheer when they don't. Again, that's just my opinion and how I choose to operate as a season ticket holder. If you are spending your own money to be there as well, then I suppose you get to do whatever you want as well.
Sure. You choose not to boo and that's cool. Like you said though, the rest can do what you want.

I know the term 'entitlement' gets thrown around a lot. But if anything, paying customers are entitled to boo at any live-entertainment event which involves paid professionals. Booing is vocally expressing displeasure in a non-violent, and generally non-abusive, non-personal way. It does not cross any lines. Generally harmless, and we are entitled to do it, if we so choose. If you don't want to, don't. It doesn't make us awful, spoiled or vindictive human beings if we do. It just makes us unsatisfied customers who need to express it.

Yes, I said it...we are entitled to something.

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