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03-23-2013, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Wildfish View Post
Not arguing about Coyle, thinking about MiG and all the excuses people keep making for him.

Apparently, we disagree that 8 games getting prime TOI as the team's 2nd Line Center isn't enough of a chance. IMO it was a golden opportunity that the vast majority of young NHL'ers do not get. MiG got more of a chance to shine than the vast majority of young NHL players. You disagree with that?

Back to the Bottom Line for the Wild. On ice it's obviously the need to Win. You can't coddle a hyped kid at the expense of the team. Again, obviously, usually, proven NHL players will get much more time than a rookie, even an over the top hyped rookie, to pull out of a slump.
IMO they really shot themselves in the foot by even placing him there in the first place. I never thought he was ready to be 2nd line center and his comments around the end of the lockout to the Finnish media showed that he wasn't even feeling very confident about his own chances. He said his play in the AHL hadn't been too good as of late and with that kind of play he wouldn't be allowed to stay with the Wild for very long. He'd been overhyped by the organization and was thus given a bigger piece than he could chew.

I get all the talk about having to earn a spot and I think Zucker and Brodin earned theirs. I wouldn't really say the same thing about Coyle, though.

I think he'd do better at wing, but I don't know if there's space for him there on this team because of all the good winger prospects. Cullen is not a long-term solution for the 2nd line C, but it's far from certain that Granlund will ever be able to take that spot.

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