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03-23-2013, 11:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Who's Zoomin Who? I give the fans in Az & certainly most observers far more credit than that, to have ever really bought into any artful deceptions. People are far more intelligent than that. Saw/see right through any kind of facile attempts at manipulation. Impossible not to smell what was cooking in those kitchens. Bettman clearly believed a deal could get done. The manner in which he's gone about it absolutely appalling, just handled dreadfully really since the fall of 2008, gaping holes left in the proxy's Moyes was signatory to, just on & on. Zilch in the way of critical thought. But hey, why do anything half assed when whole assed can be so much more satisfying?...

yepp. And now Sisters Are Doin for it Themselves.
Said perfectly!!! precisely why I believe this mess was GB home cooking gone horribly wrong! For a guy who is supposed to be so bright how could he have missed all of the obvious signs of trouble, even ignored signs of trouble. His turning a blind eye to the red flags tells me he knew of them yet chose to forge ahead with deceit! How in the world could he have ever thought GJ had the money? GJ stood behind the curtain that was erected by GB! He seemed to infer,"no worries, I have told Mr. Bettman who my investors are and he is happy with my group!" Well reality was that he never had a group! Ask yourself K, given the economic metrics, a lack of a true business plan and investor RFP, what self respecting business man would have thought twice about such an outlandish investment? The answer is nobody even gave this thing a second look! Recall, Greg Jamison the few times he spoke publicly about his bid. He offered next to nothing, other than, "we are making progress". Please, the mans posture and speaking demeanor portrayed something quite different than his words!

As for the groups before him, they did nothing more than indicate a fleeting interest. MH, put the escrow money down for a deal that had no way of passing the scrutiny of a third grader! He exited quietly and swiftly, if you recall! The Ice Clowns? They would have had difficulty purchasing the Zamboni! Let this dog die, it was kept alive by virtue of baling wire and hope, both are now gone!

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