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Originally Posted by NorthStar4Canes View Post
I didn't answer the question to "sell" my opinion. I aswered the question with my opinion, and defended my reasoning behind my opinion due to the implication by some that "consecutive wins" as a deciding factor epitomized the "Stupid" in K.I.S.S. Or in all your reading/cutting/pasting did you miss that?

Those same know, the smartypants pseudo-intelligensia of hockey....are now going to re-discuss one of the most-discussed and debated questions in modern hockey, thinking that nobody else has ever had the benefit of their insight, and therefore heard anything similar.

Some of us, however, have already heard everything they..or you... could conceivably say too many times to count during and immediately after those dynastic years by both Isle and Oil fanboys as well as the more-reasoned hockey world, and therefore LONG ago came up with some reasonable criteria in order to answer the question. What's ludicrous is that you would think "consecutive cups" is a ludicrous decider in this seemingly unanswerable question when all you're suggesting is that everyone start from zero and re-hash this stale debate as if it were fresh. Some of us put it to bed, and really don't care who's feelings get hurt because we never had a dog in either hunt.

Nicely said. This is so true. I was 15 when the Isles won their last one and 20 when the Oilers won theirs. I don't know what more can be said or what angle can be debated anymore that has not said. I choose the Isles also and alot of it has to do with 4 in a row and then the breakdown of the rosters.

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