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Originally Posted by ShadowHockey View Post
These rules are ambiguous to say the least! If you look on the WHL site, it also states the following under the PPL link:

A player who is on a WHL teamís List may not play for another WHL team, or attend another WHL team's training camp or rookie camp. However, being a member of a WHL teamís 50 Player Protected List does not restrict a player from playing for, or attending a camp of a non-WHL team. The 50 Player Protected List is used strictly to determine which WHL team holds the playerís rights.
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This is a huge mess to say the least, but I hope it will open up the eyes of all hockey leagues, including the minors. IMO, there should be more interaction b/w the Canadian & American hockey associations in order to address the issues that situations like this cause. Zoning, residency, the draft, imports, etc.... the 2 countries (and eventually European countries) need to be in sync in order to come up with a solution to avoid future fiascos. With the globalization of hockey these changes should have been started eons ago!!

The outcome I'd like to see (although it'll never happen!!) is the CHL granting the Chiefs a first-round Import Draft pick next year in exchange for Lewis and the mess the league rules have created!! The 3 CHL leagues participate in the same Import Draft, so why not provide some plausible compensation to Spokane.

If there should be any compensation to Spokane, I would agree with you about the 1st. pick in the import draft, since Spokane will probably lose Grabner into the Vancouver system after this year, but that would definatly not be my first choice for a solution to this problem.

Shouldn't some consideration be given to the Chiefs since they acted first in trying to secure Lewis's rights, while following established WHL rules. While it appears Owen Sound came in after the fact to use established OHL rules??

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