Thread: Value of: Ales Hemsky at the Deadline
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03-23-2013, 12:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
Nice straw man but i'll bite anyways.

Being waived and unclaimed means they have no value. Are you really this confused. Ales Hemsky is not comparabble to Wade Redden the fact i have to tell you that should make you feel shame.

Did it ever occur to you that many Oiler fans have different views. I wouldn't trade Hemsky. Good teams don't trade their best players, they add to them. When was the last time you remember Detroit unloading a top 6 forward in their prime?

Hall, Nuge, Yakupov are 1st overalls. They have ridiculous value for numerous reasons. A) They almost always become superstar level talents. B) They are under team control for a long time. C) They are usually cheaper to sign then other player's of their caliber due to their age and RFA status. The only time 1st overalls get dealt is when they don't reach their potential right away, like Johnson. And even then Johnson had a lot of value.

Eberle was 15th in scoring last year and he was 21. Do you not realize how exceptional that is. How many teams trade guys like this? Even if a Shea Weber is avaliable who is going to give up even a top 30 scorer under 23 for him? Nobody probably will because it's counter productive. We see it all the time when guys like Pronger, Burns, Heatley, ect.. get traded it's not for the other teams best player unless he's on the block himself it's for a package of quality assets. History should not be ignored.
no being waived for the purpose of a buyout does not mean they have no value....

it means that their value, whatever it may be, wasnt worth paying their full contract

Hemskys injury risks and salary are not worth what some oiler fans want for him.

its a very simple equation

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