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03-23-2013, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Pi View Post
Is that why they are 6th in the Eastern Conference?

Yep "0 winnin for MacKinnon"

Edmonton gets Taylor Hall: What a player! Watch this team break out next year...
Edmonton gets RNH: Wow what a playmaker, greatest vision since Gretzky, dynasty in the making...playoffs next year.
Edmonton gets Yakupov: Wow! He reminds of Bure and Ovie-lite...amazing talent, future PPG player...this team is going to breakout next year.

Edmonton gets ______ (top prospect): Reminds me of _____, great player, Edmonton will make the playoffs next year.

The Oilers have the DUMBEST management EVER.

None of their stars are good at defense. Nazem Kadri plays better defense than any of the Oilers young forwards. Oilers are building a fantasy team, the Leafs are building a real team.

Have patience..don't sell players when they are in the playoffs.

Best thing for the Leafs: Not a buyer or a seller. If we trade for will be guys that fit the big picture.

Acquiring late firsts does NOTHING to help the Leafs in the immediate future.

Stuart Percy and Biggs were drafted in 2011 and are still at least 2 years away from making any impact.

Tired of this: Lets trade BOZAK for picks, Lets trade ____ for picks.
The picks give Nonis extra organizational to use at the draft to put towards a difference maker something Bozak isn't.

To acquire a difference maker to give us a real shot at winning the cup it'll take top prospects, cheap young players and picks in the top 2 rounds.

The Leafs are on an upward trend and this is the last year we'll have a chance at grabbing extra picks-prospects to stockpile more depth assets over the other teams in the playoff hunt.

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