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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
Said perfectly!!! precisely why I believe this mess was GB home cooking gone horribly wrong! For a guy who is supposed to be so bright how could he have missed all of the obvious signs of trouble, even ignored signs of trouble. His turning a blind eye to the red flags tells me he knew of them yet chose to forge ahead with deceit! ... GJ stood behind the curtain that was erected by GB! Well reality was that he never had a group! Ask yourself K, given the economic metrics, a lack of a true business plan and investor RFP, what self respecting business man would have thought twice about such an outlandish investment?
Aha!, now heres where it gets interesting. We've already agreed that people are bright, astute enough to see through whatever hypothetical charade might or might not be being played. I think instead what people have done is to over-estimate Bettmans intelligence, assigning much more heft to it than actually exists mesa! That he's some sort of Machiavellian Seer. Consciously, subconsciously, subliminally or otherwise engaged in some nefarious plot where none exists. He just doesnt know what he's doing, and between all 30 BOG's there isnt enough sulphur in terms of critical thought & vision to spark a match!... I mean honestly? 2005 crafts a CBA with a CAP, strolls around like Napolean Bonaparte at Waterloo dictating the terms of HIS surrender, convinces the World the enemy lost, failing to put term limits on Contracts, whole thing collapses like a cheap cardboard suitcase in the rain. And so what does he do? Just goes out and buys another one. Some piece of Chinese made crap from a WalMart end-isle display hoping it lasts until 2020!

Now, I happen to know for a fact, and no I cant reveal sources you can believe it or not, whatever, take it as flat out spec or opinion, that Im a sociopathic liar if you wish, water off a Ducks, but yes, Jamison did have investors lined up. However, he was short of the mark, not by much on the asking price but certainly with requirements that the buyer have cash reserves or credit facilities available of at least 50% of the purchase price at their disposal to cover operating costs moving forward, forgetaboutit. Not even close. Rosy optimistic plan that once acquired, modest turnarounds & increasing revenues would then be attractive to further investment. The initial purchase & operational costs held together by Glendales AMF's, Revenue Sharing proceeds & so on. Basically a ScotchTape job, inching away until they had enough Shekels to buy some duct tape & glue, eventually hammers & nails, some 4X8's of ply n' whatnot.

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