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Originally Posted by orangecrush8 View Post
Kind of a random question, but it's something I have always wondered.

Is the time clock always readjusted after every whistle?

For example, in a close game with very little time left we see extra time put on the clock, .7 seconds for example, to account for the delay in the time clock after the ref blows the whistle. Is this done after every whistle? If not, hypothetically speaking, a goal that happens .1 seconds after the end of the period would have technically counted if the clock was properly adjusted.
i think the officials worry about it more if its a 1 goal game or a tie game late and where the faceoff is. A team can have the clock looked at if say a puck goes out of play and a second or 2 extra go off the clock.
I would imagine tho the officials would only look at it very late in a period.

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