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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
One can often easily mix frugality with foolishness. That's what we've been hinting at, and I don't think you understand that.

Did you try the MLX skates on before paying $500?
Your response of saying go to MSH for more info is not hinting at anything. What kind of response is that. The only good responses here so far was that its comfortable and it had issues with width and a crack occurred on the skates.

Once again, the reason why I created the other threads on hockey accessories was not just for me to save a $1. A lot of hockey players and skaters love tinkering with their equipment. And its not just goalies. I love finding new ways to make my equipment more protective, more comfortable, maybe lighter. I love messing around with my sticks before games. I love making obstacles and training equipment or routines. I am a hockey player, a ton of us love to do this. You can easily go on Youtube and check out even the pros who do not have to worry about $$$ or their equipment and they still love doing it.

And I refuse to overspend on screws or equipment. The hockey passer is typically sold for $100. Yet this guy and others have made their own for less than $20

Its not that im cheap or foolish. Why spend $15 on a screwdriver and hockey screws (which also have their own issues) when I can buy Weatherproof screws at Homedepot for $3 and have hundreds of left over when needed.

Skate stones werent always around. So what did the old timers use to use when they needed to refine their blades. Nothing? Dont believe that.

Were hockey players... this is THE RINK. Lets tweak with stuff.

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