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Originally Posted by JimAnchower View Post
How does the NHL allow people who don't have the money even get to the negotiating table?
Ya, and thats been the story pretty much since Jerry Reinsdorf took his leave. Absolutely mindblowing that the NHL wouldnt have exercised complete & thorough due diligence in pre-qualifying potential buyers irrespective of the largesse all have sought from the City of Glendale. The league clearly complicit, already direct recipients of maximum, beyond the pale extortionary subsidies from the municipality for the pleasure of retaining their team.

The candidates in each case beyond capable financially of their own accord to even be real owners of real stand alone franchises elsewhere. Hulsizers convolutions in Missouri with Checketts were beyond sleazy, displacing Stillmans group, actually costing the league money in propping up the franchise for several months between showing Hulsizer the door & finally consummating a sale. Jamison is an Inside Man, a facilitator, a fixer of sorts, but no, Im certain he was on the up & up. Just couldnt get the financing together.

I cant help but think that Bettman orchestrated the entire charade in 2010-11 though, re-directing Matthew Hulsizer to St. Louis, knowing he didnt have the Jam to close, doing so only to alibi himself should anyone ever attack him for enabling the guys' (and formerly IEH) Moon Shot of a bid for the Coyotes. That he was a serious player. Enthusiastic yes. Serious. No. How do you get rejected in St.Louis with all the goodies that went with that purchase, a non-hurtin unit pretty much but tight, lower sticker price, 46yrs of history, but your acceptable to the NHL as owner of the biggest nightmare of a franchise on the Continent?

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