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Originally Posted by Night_Vole View Post
I actually think AK Bars post 2005 lockout are a good model for how richer teams should function. They learned that its not always advisable to get every free agent under the Sun, like SKA is currently doing. They have their core group of players like Morozov, Zaripov, Nikulin, Tereshenko, Medvedev, and Kapanen. They than supplement this with foreigners, the trick is that they get guys who are just breaking and are not fully established stars. They serve their 1-3 seasons, and are replaced if better options become available or if they price themselves out like in the case of Martensen; they let a team like SKA overpay for him while they go out and get another emerging guy. Ocassionally they will keep someone for longer if they identify them as part of their core as in the case of Kapanen or Immonen.

You could argue that they don't develop enough of their own prospects even though there are some recent sucsesses like Petrov and Obukhov. I believe this is due to the fact that they have so many veteran established players and can buy prospective foreigners. So it become hard for prospects to get necessary ice time for the beginning of their development in Kazan. Thats why you will see that Kazan will often trade for emerging players, or get former Kazan players who have previously played there (ie. Korneev, Tereshenko) but where able to blossom elsewhere with more icetime.

Finally what I like about Kazan in recent years they have had a consistent team philosophy under Bill, and now under Belov. The fact that it is not a revolving door of trainers helps with acclimating said free agents, cause you have a firm system and core of players in place that help new players integrate and buy into the team effectively.

I think you're mad just cause its a "non traditional" eastern team thats doing this. Kazan has money and is willing to spend, at least they have something to show for it unlike SKA which is basically a league sponsored team (that I admit has good marketing and has done a great job of attracting fans) with horrible hockey management.
That's basically it. Just an insight on the prospects situation. AkBars' school is relatively young. AkBars was basically nearly built from a scratch so the core players are mainly not Kazan products.

Morozov - Krylya Sovetov
Zaripov, Medvedev - Mechel Chelyabinsk products
Nikulin, Tereschenko - Dynamo Moscow products, basically Billlyaletdinov understudies who followed him to AkBars

Just players signed at some point to build a contender. We can't look back at a history as illustruos as that of CSKA, Dynamo or Traktor for that matter. Back in the USSR we've had a team in the 3rd tier league.(I wionder how many young fans today know much about it. Haters gonna hate without ever being in Kazan. There is always a core of fans there, guys in their 50's and 60's probably. They were supporting SKA im.Uritskogo back then. There is fan tradition not to be underestimated in Kazan). the AkBars scholl basically was built together with the team and is still developing. We don't have a lot of home grown prospects still.

BUT in a couple of years the AkBars philosophy will change. Our good birth years from the AkBars school are starting 1995-1996. From there on AkBars would have as strong an own talent pipeline as CSKA or Traktor. I wonder how the management will react to that change.

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