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Originally Posted by shoop View Post
Saying that^^^ doesn't mean much

When you say this ^^^

Clearly you believe your 'actual goaltending' knowledge puts you at a higher level than most of us plebes on the board.

What level of knowledge would you require to hear from?

I guess it's a good thing the Oilers will actually sell tickets and merchandise to people who don't possess your required level of knowledge.
By all means feel free to respond to my post in a way that actually addresses the topic rather than just calling me out.

So far this thread is full of Dubnyk bashing, very little of which seems to be coming from sources who really seem familiar with the position. I'd just like to hear from some people who at very least have a little experience with goaltending in one form or another, an "educated" opinion rather than just a few guys who've seen the highlights of the bad goals and come to the conclusion that we need a new goaltender (despite the fact that he's been above average in most every other ways). If that offends you, don't feel mandated to be part of the discussion.

@worraps: I agree, most of his issues are mentally based. From what i've seen he does best when he knows that he has the confidence of the team by stinging together a lot of starts in a row, and when he knows that he's the number 1 guy he seems a lot more comfortable than when khabi was breathing down his neck the last few seasons. The mental game can be a real ****** because it can get better with time, or some guys just don't have it. It's too soon to tell if Dubey will ever master the stud #1 goalie mentality, but I think he has improved over the past few seasons in how he recovers after a goal rather than falling apart like he used to do more often.

For now my opinion on him is he is a good option as our starter. Will he win this team a cup? Maybe, maybe not, it's too soon to tell, but I think we have to get the rest of the team looking like a contender before he becomes the issue holding us back. The oilers have a long list of problems, Dubnyk not being anywhere close to one of the biggest ones IMO.

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