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Originally Posted by Faltorvo View Post
Actually it's not as simple as that.

You want the POs for what? your own entertainment , for player developement or is ownership needing the money?

If it's for player dev, then i argue, lets get that dev to players who are going to be with us after this season ,like ohhhh i don't know ,Colb,Ashton,D'Amigo,Scott.
Let me ask you this why don't you want the playoffs with Bozak and Mac?

Is it wise to call these kids up right now? What happens if Colborne gets called up and is out of place at this particular juncture of the season not just Colborne but the others as well?

what are you telling the guys in the room that have been working hard to have this team in a playoff position trading these guys for what in fact is nothing but a chance of getting something cause picks and prospects are not sure things at all not even close to being a benefit AT ALL?

Ignoring the value of expiring contracts in a cap world wont help your short sightness living in this dream that picks & prospects for a future that may not exist doesn't help your argument at all for risk in weakening the team. Why is making the playoffs a bad thing anyway?

Your not losing Kessel or Phaneuf for nothing stop acting like it is. You do realize the Leafs could choose to re-sign them after the trade deadline do you?

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